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You are on the Québec job board in the United States. This site is managed by the Québec Immigration Office, a government organization that connects talented workers and students with companies in Montréal, Québec City and other regional hubs in Québec (Canada).
What we do:

  • Organise career fairs and company-specific events
  • Facilitate face-to-face or virtual job interviews
  • Provide information about life in Québec and job opportunities
  • Help candidates with their relocation needs including, but not limited to, the immigration process
  • Offer financial assistance with regard to the applicant integration in Québec

What happens to your résumé?

Once you apply to one of the available positions on the Jobs page, your résumé will be analysed by our team and transferred to the company. If you don’t find the position you are looking for, please feel free to upload your information to the Open Application page. Your information may be used to invite you to our future events or keep you posted on future job opportunities in Québec.